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Bruce Bloy
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Heather Castello
Heather Hillyer
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Virus Theater Auditions?


What? ... four productions and a Fall Festival! Be part of one show or many. The Virus Theater Ensemble starts training together in January, then splits up to work on a melodrama, a kids show, a contemporary piece by a local writer, and the season's Original Virus Production. The training and rehearsal process is based on our unique approach to theater, which involves very physical work in movement, comedy, mask, and other aspects of performing. The ensemble trains together as we develop the material for the productions. You'll be auditioning for one of five open performer spots in the ensemble.

When? ... Auditions are announced on the Website prior to a new performance.

Where? ... the back room at the Toad, 200 N Bullard Street in Silver City.

How? ... pick an announced audition time and plan to stay for 90 minutes. Dress for movement. The audition begins with 30 minutes of guided improvisational physical work with a group. Each performer will then be asked to read a short piece of text which will be provided. Solo interviews will follow. We will provide you with more information about the productions and the process, and ask about your experience, your availability, and your specific interest in the projects.

Why? ... Virus Theater is in its 21st season as an experimental ensemble-based theater group in Silver City.

Our mission is to create original live theater that is relevant and educational to our community, and to produce theatrical performances that are accessible for adults and children. Our vision is to bring people together through theater to better understand our shared humanity and to inspire individual and collective growth.