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Original Painting by Patrick Rogers, offered as part of our campaign $40K in 40 Days for El Sol Performing Arts Center


Our approach to creation is to open up the dark spaces within ourselves, touch things sleeping there that long for life, bring them up to breathe, see what they are, then twist and pull and weave them together into a strange and surprising vision of our humanity.

community theater

Virus Theater is a community troupe based in Silver City, New Mexico. We are committed to creating original works of theater pertinent to our lives and the lives of our local audience. Through games, improvisation, exercise, and discussion, we collaboratively create our scripts. We have been working together for twenty years in this exciting process of play and growth. We bring elements of music, dance, and comedy to stories that delve into the deeper aspects of humanity, community, and philosophy.


The El Sol Theater was built in 1934. After many years of use as a movie house in downtown Silver City, including alternating years of being open and closed for business, El Sol closed permanently in 2002. The building has been and continues to be a Silver City landmark, featuring southwestern painting on its two-story exterior on Bullard Street in the heart of our downtown district. Closed for nearly two decades, the El Sol Theater is ready for renovations to give it a new life. 40K in 40 Days


Virus Theater has been producing live, original theater in Silver City, NM for nearly 20 years. All this time, we have been a vagabond theater troupe, never having a permanent performance or storage space. We have built, torn down and moved around sets, costumes, and props countless times. Virus Theater has enjoyed being resourceful, producing plays with both experienced and brand new performers and tech crews, while navigating an ever-changing series of spaces. See More

Our Vision

Virus Theater wants to help transform El Sol into El Sol Performing Arts Center, a 200-seat venue for theater, music, dance, and other performances, along with film screenings, conferences, festivals, and other presentations. El Sol will also be a home to arts education programming, supporting our community's youth and adults in advancing skills in a variety of arts, including acting, playwriting, technical theater, dance, circus, music and more! Virus Theater will be the resident theater company at El Sol, and will be part of a performance schedule that includes other local theater companies, and local, regional and touring performers and presenters. To learn more check out our new El Sol Performing Arts Center Video


575.654.7357 (Teresa Dahl-Bredine) (OLD WEBSITE)